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Renzo Nosenzo
What has been done up until now is only the beginning. The energy and enthusiasm of our customers is what pushes us to face new challenges.
The history of Handytech is one of intuition and sacrifice, innovation and service. What started as a challenge transformed into a project which today helps thousands of people across Italy, and Europe, rediscover the joy of getting around by breaking down barriers.

From the body shop to the first platform lift prototype

In 1971, Renzo Nosenzo founded Carrozzeria 71 in Moncalvo, in the province Asti, for the repair and special adaptation of vehicles used to transport racing cars and industrial vehicles. In 1978, Renzo became involved with the world of disabilities through his friendship with a person with mobility problems. It was the beginning of a revolution: Carrozzeria 71 took the decision to dedicate its work more specifically to the design and manufacture of mobility solutions for people with physical disabilities. Help III was created, the first platform lift to transport wheel chair users.

Mobility specialists

The Handytech brand was created which, over the years, specialised in the field of driving and transport devices for people with reduced mobility, all designed and manufactured in-house. The company began its collaboration with Fiat and other major manufacturers dedicated to the sector.

The first car with multiple adaptations

In 1993, together with Okey Technologie and Fiat, the first vehicle with multiple adaptations and fittings was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Handytech receives its first international recognition, creates new products and is granted new ministerial approvals.

Distribution network

Handytech develops it own distribution network, with over 60 dealers across Italy, to perform installations and after-sales service. In 2006, the Handytechrent opens, a service which provides the largest fleet of rental vehicles specifically adapted to transport people with reduced mobility, as well as allow them to drive. Handytechrent vehicles are available to rent across Italy from dealers.


Handytech launches Freetime, a project dedicated to everyone who dreams of getting back on a motorbike, a quad, or a vehicle during their free time, in total freedom.

Vehicles with a lowered floor and the Going project

The ongoing evolution at Handytech, as well as its ongoing collaboration with major automotive manufacturers (Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Citroen, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel), allows the company to establish itself in the realisation of lowered vehicles. The Going project is born, the first wheelchair to combine electric drive and self-balancing technologies for autonomous mobility in urban environments, as well as on rough terrain.

Members of Emg

Handytech becomes a member of the European Mobility Group, the largest European consortium of manufacturers of devices for those with problems of mobility.

An international presence

Today, the challenge is for Handytech to be a reliable and credible presence on a national and international level, expanding the number of dealers in Italy and internationally, and consolidating our partnerships with manufacturers in order to develop new products and cutting-edge solutions.